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What is essential for corporations to survive in this rapidly changing society? The answer is to become a company that can continuously keep creating new corporate values one after another through enhancement of the human capabilities of each individual employee. To this end, Achilles focuses on and actively promotes human resource development. By improving the performance of people as management resources, which in turn ties in well with the organization’s development, Achilles vitalizes the whole organization and creates an environment where employees can work with vigor and enthusiasm, spreading their wings.
The main pillars for the human resource development initiative are: i) to “develop people who are capable of exercising good leadership” with clear visions in their minds under the ever-changing environment, and ii) to “develop people who are capable of enhancing added value” to the work by autonomously recognizing challenges and addressing them in order to give life to their leader’s visions. Specifically, Achilles has an education program centering on the short-term assignment of employees to our overseas affiliates. We are working on developing human resources that can positively respond to globalization not only by improving language skills but also by enhancing globally effective business skills and people skills with better understanding of local cultures and customs.

Human Resources

Education System

Achilles promotes human resource development by offering a training program in line with the employees’ step-up levels, including incoming employee training, entry-year and rank-wise training, outside training, language education and correspondence courses, certification exam preparation courses, overseas training, and others. In particular, in the correspondence courses, under the company’s financial support scheme, each employee can select subjects to learn based on his/her own needs, working on development of their own capabilities. Achilles, valuing employees’ own free will, is ready to support, with opportunities and financial aid, any employee who voluntarily sets an ambitious goal and actively challenges the goal.