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Global Expansion

The global market: full of new possibilities and expansibilities

Achilles businesses are active around the world

Achilles products, which are exported to various countries and regions such as the US, Europe, Southeast Asia, China and Australia, enjoy very good reputations. In recent years, not only the products themselves but also the manufacturing technologies for them have attracted the attention of world markets with increasing expectations. Moreover, Achilles has actively introduced leading technologies and brands from overseas through license agreements and technical collaborations, proactively exploring new possibilities in the global business arena.
As strongholds for our global business development, Achilles has established manufacturing subsidiaries in various locations in the US and China. In the US, taking the initiative in production diversification and technology transfer on a global basis, we launched Achilles USA, Inc. in Everett, Washington in 1973, earlier than others. This was followed by the establishment of business bases in Detroit, the heart of the US automotive industry, which drives us forward in active business operation to cope with further globalization. In China, starting in the 1990s, we established local production factories in various regions, expanding our sales network in China in collaboration with our business centers located in Hong Kong and Shanghai. In addition to this, opening other business center in Taiwan, we aim to expand the business in Asia. Through further establishment of new business bases, we will disseminate Achilles products made with Achilles-unique technologies throughout the world.

Achilles businesses are active around the world

Major Export Destinations

America United States of America,Canada, Brazil, Mexico
Europe England, Italy, Netherlands,Greece, Switzerland, Sweden,Spain, Slovakia, Denmark,Germany, Norway, France,Bulgaria, Belgium, Portugal, Russia
Asia India, Indonesia, South Korea,Cambodia, Singapore, Thailand,China, Hong Kong, Taiwan,Pakistan, Philippines, Malaysia
Oceania Australia
Africa Egypt
  • Representative Offices, Overseas Subsidiaries & Affiliated Companies
  • Representative Offices, Overseas Subsidiaries & Affiliated Companies